Welcome! Kosmik Tantra!

Multiple Universe Configuration.

Greetings! This web site is dictated through various dimensional manifestations of the explicate order...
and therefore may not make
any sense at all.

I want to go home, and I'm quite sure that this particular set of dimensional rules isn't it. That which I experience around me, with this nervous system doing the best job that it can under the circumstances, is consensus reality, a massive uniformly agreed upon junction in the evolution of our consciousness. We are swayed by the asthetics of confirmation, we ignore what could lay beyond. We police ourselves into hypnotic states of acceptence.

Here we sit in the third dimension, staring into space, failing to see that we are much more than just this set of human conditions. We are formulating our own realities, which unfold from our dreams.

So, where could the next logical step take us? Into the fourth dimension of course. That which would contain all of our present experiences, but at the same time, expand them a million billion times, maybe even more.

Imagine yourself as a two-dimensional being... now project up to the third dimension. These boundaries are easy to conceptualise for us. You can see that the third dimension encapsulates the second, it contains it. By analogy, you can now project yourself from the third dimension up into the fourth. See how there is an expotential increase in experience. See how, from your position in the fourth dimension, that all aspects of three dimensional space are opened up to you. Distance shows itself to be a complete illusion. You become omnipresent as far as the third dimensional experience allows. There are no longer any boundaries there.

Some people may argue that 'time' is the fourth dimension, whereas 'time' is really just the manifestation of change.

(Does my control over the biological interface which I believe to be my body, extend beyond what I believe to be its boundary?)

Intelligence is your space-ship, and there really is no end of that...