The Trans-Dimensional Step

Or, how to change the wave function of your body-interface.

The physical universe is a morphing sea of opposing opinion.
That which gives it substance serves only to limit it. How many possibilities do we have to key into it to before we can shut it down for good? The matrix is matriarchal, and we teach ourselves to be frightened. Distance and time are illusions created by a compartmentalised psyche. You are not where you think you are, in fact you are EVERYWHERE, always were, and always will be.

However, we seem to be between two worlds. The information matrix generated by the physical consensus 'reality' and the extra dimensional spaces and doorways which are usually beyond our senses. The tranz-dimensional experience is as 'real' as anything else. It has been interpreted in many ways throughout our history, usually as some kind of religious or scientific principle. Metaphors for a higher experience, brought back to earth and encapsulated in theory and dogma. While there is nothing wrong with this, it pays to remember always that 'the map is not the land'. It also pays to speculate that perhaps the land is not the land!

As long as we trust the information being provided to us via our nervous systems, we shall remain anchored in the consensus. As long as we rely on confirmations provided by the consensus, and by fellow lifeforms, we shall never make the transition. Here is the subtlety of the trap. Although you appear to be localised as a human entity, each particle that constitutes your body interface has a quantum wave function which describes all of its possible states. The wave function of your body spreads out across space-time indefinitely. However, it is concentrated mainly where you perceive yourself to be right now.

Teleporting ourselves around tranz-dimensional space-time requires that we 'rewrite' the wave function, and shift its emphasis, or probability, to locate at our will. "Where My Will, Be Me"
The quantum body field is 'glued' in place by a type of strange attracter. Part of the unified field of mind which you call 'self' - the DNA memory, deeply impregnated at the unconscious cellular level. Now imagine the DNA as some part of 'mind', both being components of the same unified field. Just as a seed does not contain the physical matter which will build a flower, so our DNA does not contain a body interface. However, what is does hold is a set of instructions which it issues to the quantum field in order to pull together the components it needs for its construction job.

We carry around inside our genetic memory the exact plans which are used to build and maintain our body interface. In order to change the wave function of your body, you first have to access these codes. There are various methods which may be employed to do just this. It is up to each individual to discover which method they feel happy and comfortable with. This will not be achieved by conventional 'scientific' means, and so meditation, lucid dreaming, psychedelics,
land hypnosis are all among the possible alternative avenues. Consciousness has been a long ignored variable of the matter equation, and here is where physics and metaphysics must combine. Your physical presence is a 'reality-mirror' image of your psyche, and under your control.

Once the DNA memory is accessed, the next stage of the operation is to project your consciousness/will to the desired destination space. Imagine, for example, that you had succeeded in an out-of-body exercise and you found yourself in a space in which you would like to manifest physically. You would call up your genetic code, and implement it at your chosen location, where it would reconstruct a new body interface from the current quantum probability field. At exactly the same time your 'old' body interface would dissipate back into the quantum field to fill the gap. Energy would be converted, but not lost. It would then just be a case of re-entering, and aquainting yourself with your new home.

While this may seem a little far fetched, mind-over-matter is no big deal. We do it every day and it is easily achieved - each time you press that mouse button the instruction which you issue to your finger is sent from another dimension...

Now just extend the field of your influence...