The Omniverse is Conscious.

Cosmic patterns of electromagnetic stellar energy originate in the centers of each star, each star is a sub-station of the galactic mind, of which each human and animal mind on earth is again a nested sub-station of the universal consciousness. Its an inconceivably massive fractal in four (or more) dimensions.

David Bohm (the quantum physicist) once said "Matter is frozen light". Light trapped in the material form, in the vibratory nature of sub-atomic particles.

(Information is light is information...)

If that is so, and mind also is electromagnetic in essence, then parts of the Universal Mind may become 'trapped' in matter. That's Us.

Just as the light energy can be released again from matter, (ie: the energy released from burning a piece of paper originally came from the sun, it was trapped in the leaves of trees through the photosynthesis process and stored in the wood) - so can these fragmented parts of the Universal Mind be again released into the greater whole.

The question remains, how did these parts become 'trapped' in matter? It looks as if the process of death is the release mechanism, but how did fragments of the Universal Mind become frozen in matter in the first place? (The Tibetans have a pretty good explanation in the Book of the Dead).

Anyway, I'm centralised ego here frozen like light energy into a material essence. I seem to have some control over this material essence, and I'm wondering how far I can extend that control. I already thought long about teleportation through the DNA program, and now I'm wondering if the frozen fragment of the Universal Mind may be able to uncover the dimensional levels which are encoded into the sub-atomic sub-structure of the body and the bodies invisible (though not undetectable) energy fields.

I like this comparison with mind and frozen light. It reminds me of Dale Pendell when he wrote "Consciousness has to do with energy and light. Neither animals or people have consciousness, it is plants that have consciousness. Animals and people get consciousness by eating plants".

Photosynthesis again... lights conversion into matter. Frozen light.

So, that leads me into the relationship between light and higher dimensional spaces. Light must enjoy a wonderful view of the Omniverse. I wonder if the electro-magnetic spectrum extends as 'normal' into the 4th, 5th, 6th dimension. Mathematics does. If mind is part of the electromagnetic field then part of it is physically operating in these higher dimensions. The part that is not (or less) frozen.

I believe in physics, and I believe in spirit. I believe in process. I believe in the evolution of nature.