Definition: PERSON

Translated from latin, the word 'PERSON' is composed of two separate parts:

'PER' (prep) which means 'THROUGH'

'SONARE' (verb) which means 'SOUND'

Through sound we are manifested.

Through Sound the Omniverse is created.

Through sound we will tune our beings into the next (and subsequent) dimensional overtones.

Through sound we are linked from the internal worlds of the dream, to the external worlds of consensus.

We are frequency... we are cymatik representations of sound vibrating through matter. The wavelength is the divine infinite, the WORD incarnate.

In the beginning was the WORD...

Sound is the the trans-dimensional vehicle of choice... harmonics are the auditory equivalent of Sacred Geometry.

Awareness is achieved through an incredibly complex series of whole number harmonics which build upon each other. Your self in tune. This is your 'now' state as a human entity.

You have no choice but to progress.