Sky Temple Manifestation

Soon I'll be bringing this Sky Temple back down to earth, but the planet is spinning so quickly that I'm afraid splashdown will be difficult.

Choose my shape and form,
choose my parents and
the location of my birth.
Choose my sex,
choose my race,
my level of intelligence,
engage with DNA . . .


Remember! Don't get mixed up with the aesthetic nature of this world. Non-terrestrial, non-local. I am that which stars are made from...

Our space-time status is linked, but the chain is made from dust. Together we span the OMniverse, and together we create it.

Where on earth do I begin?
Where in the cosmos do I end?

Superposition status.

As far as I can tell it's now all convincingly real.
Trillions upon trillions of countless bifurcations, a holographic projection from a higher dimension.

Seems to be. . . H Y P E R - R E A L I T Y .

That's more like it Starship Brothers . . .
We entertain the key to ETERNITY.